In Memoriam

  • 1939

    Ms. Darina J. Tuhy

  • 1948

    Mr. Joseph Panzitta

  • 1950

    Ms. Nancy Byerly Lorsong

  • 1951

    Mr. Delbert J. Cragle

  • 1953

    Sandor Yelen, Esq.

  • 1954

    Mr. Barry J. Iscovitz

  • 1956

    Mrs. Marianna Kraynack Banash
    Mr. Donald H. Covey
    Mrs. Constance Kamarunas Schaefer

  • 1957

    Mr. Charles R. Abate
    Dr. Arthur N. Meyer
    Mr. John H. Milliman
    Mrs. Irene Stone

  • 1958

    Mr. John Morenko

  • 1959

    Dr. Richard Aston

  • 1960

    Mr. Emmanuel J. Ziobro

  • 1961

    Mr. Robert J. Hewitt

  • 1962

    Mr. Ken Naparsteck

  • 1963

    Joel S. Frank, OD
    Mr. Gerard J. Zezza, Jr

  • 1966

    Mrs. Ellen Chergosky Verhanovitz

  • 1968

    Mr. Allen M. Bachman
    Julius F. Harms, Esq.

  • 1969

    Mrs. Ellen T. Tull
    Mrs. Bette Neroda Wells

  • 1970

    Mrs. Kathleen Hay Bohl
    Mr. John Marfia, Jr.
    Mr. James J. Sabatini

  • 1971

    Mr. James Milford Barnes

  • 1972

    Mr. Anthony V. Kleinhans
    Ms. Joan M. Puhak

  • 1973

    Ms. Mary Alexiou
    Mrs. Paula Morris Nicely

  • 1974

    Mrs. Nancy Hofbauer Phillips
    Mr. Gene Dale Sprechini
    Mrs. Margaret A. Zellner
    Mr. Roman A. Ziegler, Jr.

  • 1975

    Mrs. Doralyn Howard Moody

  • 1976

    Mr. Alan F. Jackier
    Mr. John J. Matusek, Jr.
    Ms. Mary Stine Simpson

  • 1977

    Mr. Stanley P. Karpinski

  • 1979

    Ms. Stella Theresa Korpusik

  • 1980

    Mr. Ronald A. Marchak
    Ms. Marilyn M. Marsh
    Mr. Barry S. Williams

  • 1981

    Pamela M. Luchi Assalita, OD

  • 1992

    Ms. Molly Timko

  • 1993

    Ms. Jennifer Watkins

  • 1994

    Mr. Andrew S. Wanat

  • 1996

    Mr. Eric J. Dotzel

  • 1999

    Theresa E. Dillon

  • 2000

    Mr. Steven R. Galle
    Mrs. Karen Jean Ziegler

  • 2002

    Mr. Nicholas R. Dewey

  • 2008

    Mr. Matthew R. Brown

  • 2009

    Ms. Danielle Barbuti
    Ms. Kristen L. Curry

  • 2014

    Roberta Ann Pickering

  • 2017

    Mr. Charles Steven Slavish, Jr.

  • 2018

    Mrs. Valerie Sue Ford

Friends of Wilkes

  • Mr. Joseph Baloga
  • Mr. George Barilla
  • Ms. Marie H. Bartolai
  • Mr. Jerry Lee Chilcott
  • Mr. James E. Chiucchi
  • Mr. Frederick C. Galli
  • Mr. George A. Germak
  • Mrs. Doreen S. Goryeb
  • Mr. Michael M. Hudacek
  • Mr. Thomas Hudak
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  • Mr. John J. Matusek, Sr.
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  • Mrs. Trudy M. Piatt
  • Mr. Stephen Podrasky
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  • Mr. Jesse Savitz
  • Dr. Anne A. Skleder
  • Mr. Richard C. Vahey
  • Mrs. Gail L. Williams
  • Mr. Andrew Wydra
Vintage portrait close-up headshot photograph view of Nancy Stinger smiling in her art attire consisted of a long sleeve t-shirt and an artist apron around her long sleeve t-shirt as she is holding two art brushes in her left hand

Artist Nancy Stinger ’69

Nancy Charlene (Wanczyk) Stinger ’69, North Myrtle Beach, S.C., passed away at the age of 77. Born in Wilkes-Barre, Nancy followed her passion for the arts and graduated from Wilkes College with a B.A. in Fine Arts. There, she met her husband of 54 years, William “Bill” Stinger ’68. They shared two sons, Eric and Andrew.

Over the years, Nancy was a supporter of the Sordoni Art Gallery. Her family submitted a piece of her art in the upcoming Wilkes Alumni Art Exhibition: Celebrating the Blue and Gold, scheduled for display from June 18 to August 11, 2024, in the Sordoni Art Gallery. Find out more about the exhibit in “If These Walls Could Talk: 50 Years with the Sordoni Art Gallery” beginning on page 14.

Portrait close-up angle photograph view of Nancy '69 and Bill Stinger '68 smiling and posing alongside their sons at the beach as everyone has different hats on, different sunglasses on, and different casual attire consisted of different jackets on
Nancy ’69 and Bill Stinger ’68 with their sons.
Portrait close-up headshot photograph view of Richard Maslow smiling in a dark navy blue button-up dress shirt that has a white swirly lines pattern on it

Richard Maslow, Friend and Benefactor of The Maslow Family Graduate Program in Creative Writing

Richard Maslow of Dallas, Pennsylvania, and Naples, Florida, died on March 20, 2024. Maslow was well-known and respected as president and CEO of InterMetro (now Metro), a global industry leader in the manufacture of storage and transport equipment headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He was equally known as a generous philanthropist and a tireless supporter of education, the arts and his community.

In 2017, Maslow gave a significant gift to the Wilkes graduate creative writing program, enabling it to add innovative classes and workshops, student scholarships, faculty development and expanded programming for the community at large. In gratitude, Wilkes named the program The Maslow Family Graduate Program in Creative Writing.

“The Maslow Family has been enormously supportive of our program,” said program director David Hicks. “Because of Richard Maslow’s generous endowment, we’ve been able to enrich and enhance our creative writing program to a level we had never thought possible, giving our students opportunities they would never have dreamed of. We owe Richard Maslow and the entire Maslow family our deepest gratitude and appreciation.”

J. Michael Lennon, co-founder of the program, faculty member and author, said, “Wilkes will never forget this generous donation, and what it has done for the program, which is now approaching its 20th anniversary.”

Find out more about The Maslow Family Graduate Creative Writing Program at

Landscape close-up photograph view of three individuals (two women and a man) smile and pose in different casual attire next to each other as they are seated down on a grass lawn area at The Maslow Family Graduate Creative Writing Program’s Litfest, which is held each year in June and is the highlight of the weeklong summer residency on campus
The Maslow Family Graduate Creative Writing Program’s Litfest, held each year in June, is the highlight of the weeklong summer residency on campus.
Portrait close-up headshot photograph view of Anne Skleder smiling in a white business coat blazer suit and dark blue dress/blouse underneath the blazer suit as she has a gold color circular shaped link chains necklace around her, gold circular shaped earrings, and dark black outer frame see through prescription glasses on

Anne Skleder, Former Senior Vice President at Wilkes

Anne Skleder, PhD, who served as senior vice president and provost of Wilkes University from 2014 to 2019, passed away on Oct. 19, 2023. At Wilkes, Skleder led academic programs and initiatives, including enrollment, technology, academic support, and study abroad as well as university-wide strategic plans. She played a major role in expanding the school’s international reach through the University’s partnership with Panama that included several initiatives: an English-immersion program for Panamanian educators, an Intensive English Program for Panamanian undergraduate students and an exchange agreement with several of Panama’s universities for academic collaboration, study abroad, faculty exchanges and joint research.

In 2019, Skleder left Wilkes to assume the role as the 10th president of Brenau University, and also as the first female president in the institution’s 145-year history.

A native of Pittsburgh, Skleder received her BA in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and her MA and PhD in social/organizational psychology from Temple University. She also completed Harvard University’s Institute for Educational Management program.