Alumni Association Welcomes New Board Members

The Alumni Association Board of Directors welcomed five new directors elected to the board during the February 2022 meeting. They began their terms in June.

The new directors share some thoughts about their Wilkes experience and what they hope to contribute as directors.

Jeff Bauman 09 headshot

Jef Bauman ’09

“I look forward to helping connect fellow alumni who might have valuable experiences and gifts to share with current Wilkes students. I hope to help bolster and preserve the great legacy that Wilkes University is to the NEPA community. I want to solidify my commitment to always be a steward for the wonderful opportunities that Wilkes gives its students, faculty and staff! I also hope to grow as a leader so I can better serve the students I serve in my job.”
John Chernesky ’68 headshot

John Chernesky ’68

“As a graduate of Wilkes, I try to support the local Wilkes-Barre area financially and encourage students to attend the University. I also supported the Wilkes sports teams over the years. I am looking forward to making Wilkes University the destination for local students and promoting the University’s educational opportunities.”

Arthur Imdorf ’55

“Over the years, my wife and I attended homecoming events and other special events at the school. My participation has been to contribute to fund drives in most years. I have made a bequest to Wilkes as part of our planned gifts through the establishment of a trust, and I have talked to parents of prospects that knew I graduated from Wilkes. I always stressed that I got a great education at a small school and over the years I have been very successful.”
George Pawlush ’69, MS ’76 headshot

George Pawlush ’69, MS ’76

“Wilkes gave me the confidence to be the best that I can be. Throughout my career I felt fully prepared to meet any challenge that came my way. Over the past 20 years I have been involved in a variety of activities supporting the University, and I served on the University Board of Trustees for 14 years. I’m a past president of the Wilkes Alumni Association and spent many years representing the Wilkes admission’s office at high school college night events in Connecticut.”
Kristie Spinello ’15, MBA ’18 headshot

Kristie Spinello ’15, MBA ’18

“Wilkes is truly a place where everybody knows your name. I loved how small the classes were so you truly felt like you could make an impact. I received the tools I needed to be successful in my personal and professional life and made memories that I will remember for a lifetime. I am excited to be on a board of like-minded individuals who have the same common goal and want to see the school continue to grow and succeed.”